Akuna Springs ®

Akuna Springs ® is an alkaline spring water with pH8.

Akuna Springs ® is drawn from our own spring sitting on 7.7 hectares of land located at the Palmerston Dolostone Aquifer. This is 50km from Darwin in the Northern Territory. It is naturally purified over thousands of years through a series of limestone and quartz rocks. As each drop precipitates through these rocks over the period of time, it is  organically enriched with the purest form of silky smooth spring water.
Proudly produced by the only single-serve bottled water factory in the Top End of Australia, Akuna Springs ® is available in five sizes, 340ml, 600ml, 1.5lt, 5lt and 10lt. They are bottled in high quality PET bottles with a 2-year shelf-life.
Territory Proud.