Akuna Blue ®

Akuna Blue ® premium Still and Sparkling Water in custom designed glass bottles

When you dine, you match the finest local ingredients to the best wines of the region. Why should your choice of sparkling or still water be any different?
Proudly produced by the only single-serve bottled water factory in the Top End of Australia, Akuna Blue ® Still & Sparkling are both available in 375ml and 750ml glass range. The Akuna Blue ® Still 750ml bottles feature a reusable cork, while the Sparkling bottles feature a crown cap. The Akuna Blue ® Still 750ml is available at all Woolworths stores in the Northern Territory. The stunning bottles are custom designed with a piece of Australian native culture embossed into them.
Akuna Blue ® is drawn from our own spring sitting on 7.7 hectares of land located at the Palmerston Dolostone Aquifer. This is 50km from Darwin in the Northern Territory. It is naturally purified over thousands of years through a series of limestone and quartz rocks. As each drop precipitates through these rocks over the period of time, it is  organically enriched with the purest form of silky smooth spring water.
Territory Made, Territory Proud.