Akuna Blue ®

Akuna Blue ® is 100% Australian made, single-source alkaline water with a naturally occurring mineral table.

When you dine, you match the finest local ingredients to the best wines of the region. Why should your choice of sparkling or still water be any different? The stunning bottles are custom designed with a piece of Australian native culture embossed into them. Akuna Blue Still & Sparkling are both available in 375ml and 750ml glass range. The Akuna Blue Still 750ml bottles feature a reusable cork, while the Sparkling bottles feature a crown cap.
Our water comes from the pristine source located 50kms from Darwin in the Northern Territory and is drawn from the Palmerston Dolostone Aquifer. This mineral-rich water is naturally purified to create the unique alkaline water, with a purity of taste that can only come from the spiritual elements of the Territory.
Sold throughout the top end of Australia. The Akuna Blue Still 750ml is available at all Woolworths stores in the Northern Territory.
Territory Proud.