Refresh Plastics

Refresh Plastics is a specialist blow moulding company, We produce various in-house lines as well as custom moulded products.

Refresh Plastics began as Ampi Plastics on 15 June 1976. It was acquired by Eneco Refresh on 15 May 2017.
Operation commenced with two small machines in a small garage with one employee. Today Refresh Plastics has grown in operation whereby more than 20 machines are in use, both injection and blow moulding. These machines are able to produce products up to 210 litres in capacity. This all takes place now in 3 buildings, with a dedicated workforce of 30 employees. 
Refresh Plastics offers a diverse range of plastic bottles, containers and jars for the beer, wine and beverage industries. It also produces water tanks, caravan tanks, jerry cans, watering cans, vehicle parts, etc. It produces its own range of best-selling Ampi activity toys. Refresh has been contract manufacturing custom moulded products for many companies.
Refresh Plastics is committed to quality, customer service and competitive pricing. It is an environmentally consious company with more than 100kW of solar power and committed to recycling plastic waste whenever possible. 


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