Refresh Perth

Only bottled water company endorsed by Buy West Eat Best program

The clean crisp taste of Refresh Pure Water is something everyone will remember.

Refresh Pure Water is Australia’s largest producer of distilled drinking water. It is sold in pack sizes ranging from 600mL to 15L for home and office deliveries. Retail packs are sold in many IGA stores and its 5-litre pack is sold in all Woolworths supermarkets.

Water coolers are also available for sale or hire.

Refresh Perth is a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified factory.

17 Denninup Way, Malaga
WA 6090

P: (08) 92487222

F: (08) 92487233



  1. i really want to fill up my 15l water bottles can someone help me please

  2. As a disability pensioner I need bottled water delivered to my home address. Presently have 5 litre container/bottles water but will consider all options. Present suppplier no longer available.

  3. Sorry, forgot to mention delivery suburb is Clarkson, Perth, W.A

  4. I’ve been drinking Refresh water since I discovered it in about 2012.

    I remember taking a sip from the 600ml bottle and thinking how “clean” it tasted.

    Since then, the only time I haven’t drunk it has been when I have been in a location that it has not been available.

    The more I have read various, enlightened medical and health professionals opinions of the benefits of drinking distilled water, the more I have appreciated Refresh’s product.

    I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough!

  5. The website isn’t helpful with actual branch locations, “many IGAs” ?
    Am I supposed to drive to them all cos so far 3 I’ve been to sell Aussie water

  6. Looking to buy in bulk. Is there somewhere in Perth that stocks large distilled water

  7. Hi
    Where can I buy 15 litre distilled water north off Perth city? And what is cost please?

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