Refresh Brisbane

Producing natural spring water and Australia’s purest water locally in Brisbane   

Giving our customers the choice of natural spring water or Australia’s purest bottled water.

Refresh Spring Water has continued to provide a natural source of drinking water free of pollutants and additives.

Refresh Pure Water is steam-distlled, totally free of any salts, fluoride, chemicals, heavy metals and is absolutely pure water; just H20 – pure and simple.

At Refresh Brisbane, we not only pride ourselves in the best waters but also in good old fashioned friendly, efficient service and advice. We are probably delivering to your area right now – so call and start enjoying the health benefits of the crisp refreshing taste of Refresh Spring Water or Refresh Pure Water today.

120 Mica Street, Carole Park Qld 4300

P: (07) 32711251

F: (07) 38793019



  1. Hi,
    We need distilled water for our PH meter usage.
    What will be a price for 10 and 20L bottles including delivery to Rocklea OLD 4106, please.
    Thank you

  2. I need new cooler. Please let me know is there any possibility that you can come at my place or do you have some store in Brisbane. I have your cooler in years but before was defferent and now i hate on line baying.

  3. We use your 10 ltr distilled water for both our CPAP machines, which has been great up until the last 2 purchases, the spiggots have not worked. This has resulted in us having to empty the entire containers into other bottles until needed. I don’t know why the quality has not been the same. We have been using this product for the last 2 years without an issue, perfect …. but not the last 2 containers. Not sure what has changed ?? No convenient at all…. !!!

  4. Are the 2 litre plastic bottles of Refresh demineralised water recyclable? If not, they should be, in line with similar bottles of soft drink.

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